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River Rafting - Costa RIca
Turtle at Hol Chan Reef - Belize
Amazing Jungle Frog
Make a New Friend
View of the Caldera
Relaxing on the Beach
Swim with the Dolphins
Duty-free Shopping on Sint Maarten
Make a New Friend
Surfing in Acapulco
Bicycling in The Bahamas
Flying to the Out Islands
Punta Cana Glider
Golfing ... anywhere!
Miss Betty on the Rio Grande
Fun with Fish
Bonfire on Eleuthera
Marlin Fishing off Bimini
New Discoveries
Girlfriends Getaway
Horseback Riding on Jamaica


Your next fabulous travel experience begins here ...



     VHR, WORLDWIDE offers an extensive variety of luxury estates, villas, condominiums, private islands and apartments throughout The Bahamas, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Mexico and the United States.  While many of them might be the vacation residences of the 'rich and famous', one of the key factors that sets us apart from many other sources is that the properties we offer run the full gamut price-wise, and present a good value when compared with hotel and resort rates for similar accommodations.  We make a point to provide the 'villa experience' to as many people as possible, and have no doubt we can find the ideal situation for you, your family and friends.


     Our new website features only a small sampling of the more than 7,000 properties that we represent.  Please visit the various destinations we cover by clicking the links below.


     Your patience is appreciated as we add new villas and other helpful information daily.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact us (click here) with your specific request so that we may assist you with booking your next fabulous vacation, destination wedding, family reunion or corporate venue. 



More than 700 islands and cays sprinkled like delicate pearls across water so clear you can see a starfish at 200 feet.  Boating. Sailing. Deep-sea fishing.  Snorkel the shallows.  Have we got your attention yet?  Swim with a wild dolphin.  Enjoy a Goombay Smash under a palm tree.  Walk along deserted pink-white sand beaches.  Collect seashells and sand dollars on endless sandbars.  Relax.

Each island country boasts a culture, cuisine, music and history all its own. Long, wide slices of sand fringing the turquoise sea. Become friends with a turtle on the reef.  Take a romantic river cruise in a bamboo raft.  Dine on the freshest fruit and local vegetables, lobsters plucked from the sea only moments before.  Haitian art.  Jerk chicken.  Red Stripe.  Ting.  Bajan rum.


A slender land bridge comprising seven (7) countries, bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east and Pacific Ocean to the west.  Awe-inspiring riot of nature, civilization and gastronomy.  Ziplining through majestic rain forests of rare flora and fauna.  Coffee plantations run by Jamaican ex-pats. Junge jaguars.  Palancar Reef for world-famous diving and snorkeling.

Thirty three (33) countries to choose from, each with its own history.  Clubbing in London and Monaco. Cafe life in Paris.  Tuscan sunflowers.Golfing at St. Andrews.  Diamonds in Amsterdam.  Rich Black Forest chocolate cake. Portugese vineyards. Brass rubbings.  Roman ruines.   Greece's Caldera. Gourmet shopping at Harrods.  Positano's view.

Europe + UK Villas

Blend Mayan ruins with spectacular beaches. Savor an explosion of colors and flavors, fiestas with music and dancing. Choose from historic Colonial cities to quaint islands, from simple and delicious Mexican fare to exquisite gourmet cuisine.  Step back in time and be embraced by the warmth and hospitality of the Mexican people. Underwater museums.  Did we mention tequila?


There's probably no place else in the world that offers as much diversity as the United States.  For the visitor, traveling from beaches to mountains can often be accomplished in a matter of hours. Cities, mountains, deserts, seashores, plains.  You will find populations representing every nationality and culinary experience in the world located here.  

USA Villas

Private islands offer the utmost in seclusion and tranquility.  It's all about YOU.  Think family reunion.  Destination wedding.  Corporate venue.  Retreat.  Often, these very special places cost less than renting multiple villas or a small hotel/resort to accommodate a larger group.  We only present a few here.  Contact us for additional information.


We will be showcasing a selection of uncommon exotic villas beyond our other featured destinations in the future.  Stay tuned.

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