VHR, WORLDWIDE is very privileged to be able offer a selection of privately-owned islands - many which are not available to the general public - that are ideal for groups who prefer complete privacy and wish to remain together. We can think of no better place for a destination wedding, family reunion or corporate meeting/event than your own Private Island.  Surprisingly, reserving one of these very special places compares favorably against the cost of bringing your group to a hotel or resort.  Plus, everything is geared to your every want and need, and the attention you will receive is umatched.


     The Team at VHR, WORLDWIDE includes seasoned Group Specialists who have many years of experience planning memorable celebrations and business venues, and are meticulous when it comes to every last detail.


     We do not showcase many of the Private Islands in our portfolio, as they are often owned by celebrities, corporate magnates, royalty and other individuals who prefer to maintain a low profile.


     Please call our office at (201) 767-9393 or e-mail us at info@vhrww.com to share the particulars about your leisure or corporate event.  It will be our pleasure to help you plan and execute the perfect occasion.






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