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Travel Agents:  Our Partners, Our Friends



























     VHR, WORLDWIDE was built on the premise that partnership makes the world go 'round.  Our Company has always recognized the important contributions made by Travel Agents to our success, and over the years we have earmarked funding to help educate Agency Owners and Salespeople about the 'Villa Experience'.  In fact, VHR, WORLDWIDE's familiarization programs ("fam trips") - which highlight the destinations as well as our Clients' properties and services - have been used as a model by tourist offices.


     We appreciate that Travel Agents are faced with many new 

challenges.  Our policies, however, have not changed, and we remain

as committed as ever to you.  The written and photographic

information we provide can be tailored to your needs.  We are

available to help you recommend the appropriate choices for your

valued Clients based on our expertise.  We protect your interests.


Repeat Guests who call us directly are referred back to the Travel

Agent who initially booked them.


     As a result, about 70% of our business comes from Travel Agents

(thank you!).  We are also delighted that many Travel Agents book

their own vacations, weddings and family reunions with us!  A good

number of you have been our partners for 30+ years, and many

have been working with VHR, WORLDWIDE for more than a decade.  

Your repeat business is the best barometer by which we can judge

the quality of our service, and we are very grateful for your loyalty.  


Excerpts taken from our Guest Evaluations, here's what your colleagues

have to say about us:


"My agents and I have been working with VHR, WORLDWIDE for over

25 years.  VHR's team consistently comes through for us with great

ideas, our clients are always happy with the properties we rent for

them through VHR, and this makes Stratton Travel look good."                                                                                                                                  - Mark, Stratton Travel Inc.

(Note:  We were saddened when Mark passed away.  He was a good

friend and great supporter of our company from the first day we

opened for business.  He is sorely missed.)

"I have been on three exceptional fam trips with VHR:  Eleuthera,

Port Antonio and St. Croix.  Each program was unique and gave me a

perspective of the destination, in addition to seeing the properties,

that I would not have accomplished on my own.  I have been

working with VHR for over ten years and consider this company

tops among suppliers.  I find that any time I need help with a villa

or apartment rental, my client's query is handled quickly, efficiently

and professionally."                                   - Barbara, Aries Travel


"Yet another happy client...!"             - Judy, Owner, Wilton Center Travel


"We have been working with VHR, WORLDWIDE for about 20 years

now.  Not only have we reserved their properties for our clients, but

we have also booked them for our own family.  VHR is very dedicated

to travel agents as shown by the company's involvement with AWTA

and NY ASTA.  We can always count on VHR to be a supporter of the

trade shows, venues and other industry events that the organizations

in our area hold.  No other villa rental company supports the travel

agent like VHR!"                - Terry and Charlie, Owners, Empress Travel 


"I have been working with VHR, WORLDWIDE for the past 15 years

or more.  They are always welcome in our agency as they provide

great up-to-date information about private villas and apartments

that we do not have access to otherwise.  VHR has always been there

to help us with VIPS and special requests that might be considered

a problem for other suppliers.  I recommend this company highly."

                                                     - Jayne, Manager, Liberty Travel


"I was very pleased with the friendliness of VHR's staff. 

The accommodations were very nice & in a great location. 

All of your suggestions were very good - taking frozen food with

us, etc.  I will certainly recommend VHR to my colleagues and the

clients of my travel agency and contact you again."

                                                          - Diane, Manager, Travel World



     We recognize that, over the years, other companies have come into the villa marketplace.  As you select the company to best serve your valued Clients, please be reminded of our unequaled commitment to the travel agency community.  VHR, WORLDWIDE is the only villa rental company consistently dedicated to you, the retail Travel Professional, through our memberships in, and support of, travel industry organizations over the years such as the Association of Central New Jersey Travel Professionals (ACT)American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Working in Travel Services (WITS), St. Maarten / St. Martin American Marketing Association (SAMA), Bon Vivants, Caribbean Tourism Organization, New Jersey Travel Industry Professionals Society (NJ TIPS), 41-74 Club and others.  VHR, WORLDWIDE is the villa rental agency that supports your trade shows, seminars and industry presentations, and volunteers on your Boards. 


     So when you are looking to book a special property for your Clients, please remember who is your partner!



(800) NEED-A-VILLA or (800) 633-3284 Toll-free

(201) 767-9393 International Telephone

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